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24 Nov 2017 Campaign

New Plan & Price down

Thank you very much for using Wi-Ho! Thailand.
We are launching a new plan of round type pocket Wi-Fi “Asia multiple country” and
reducing prices for Europe and World multiple county pocket Wi-Fi as well.

Please check our new line-up!

★Wide coverage★
Asia (Single Country):THB280
Available in 18 countries with wider coverage! We also renewed the price for China!
THB299 → THB280

★New plan★
Asia (Multiple Country):THB380
We have launched multiple type of pocket Wi-Fi for Asian countries.
No need to bring more than 2 devices to travel multiple countries in Asia,
a built in battery enables you to stay connected longer!

★1GB Data★
Europe (Single Country):THB450
We are the only provider to offer 1GB daily data usage for EU countries.(1GB/day)
You can access the internet without any worries!

★Price down★
Europe Tour Plan:THB530
Big price down THB680/day → THB/530!
Enjoy comfortable and affordable travel to Europe popular countries with Wi-Ho!
The data bundle 1GB/day is also available.

★Price down★
World Tour Plan:THB580
World multiple pocket Wi-Fi is now available for THB580/day!(original price: THB799)
We hope its wider coverage will bring new world for you!

Unlimited data available!
Sharing pictures, using Google Map, and searching for delicious local foods...
Please investigate more about Japan with Wi-Ho!

Have a wonderful trip with Wi-Ho!