Why You Need "Wi-Ho!"Why Wi-Ho?

Why Wi-Ho?

Point1 Relaible “Japan Brand”.


“Wi-Ho!” is rental pocket wifi sevice offerd by Telecom Square, known as a pioneer in the field and having been developing mobile solution business for more than 20 years.

Point2 Broke a million users all over the world.


We run a business in 7 other countries (Japan, US, Taiwan, Hongkong, China, Singpore and Myammer) than Thailand.
The number of users just rose above a million.
Wi-Ho! is chosen by many travel lovers all over the world.

Point3 Best quality with reasonable price.


We “Wi-Ho!” hold the local internet line in more than 100 countires so that we are able to offer the best connectivity all over the world.
Not only the connection but also reasonable price is also a reason we are chosen.